Hi, I'm Gabriel!

Junior UX Developer

Welcome to my portfolio, crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, where I proudly showcase my expertise in UX Design, Graphic Design, and Software Development. As a highly motivated and adaptable individual, I am fueled by a fervent passion to make a significant impact in the technology industry. Presently, I am excelling as a Junior UX Developer at C Spire, contributing to innovative projects and pushing boundaries in user experience.

With an Associate of Applied in Coding Technology and a level I & II technical certifications in Coding Technology from both Northwest Mississippi Community College and Base Camp Coding Academy, I bring a solid foundation to my work.

As a UX Developer, I've fortified my skills with a professional UX certification from Google Coursera. My toolkit boasts a diverse array of design software proficiency, including Figma, Canva, and Adobe XD. In tandem with these design capabilities, my technical expertise spans HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and beyond, enabling me to seamlessly blend creativity with functionality in crafting exceptional user experiences.

For any inquiries, feel free to connect with me!


Mastered: January 2022
Mastered: July 2022
Mastered: September 2022
Mastered: September 2022
Visual Studios
Mastered: September 2022
Mastered: October 2022
Mastered: October 2022
Mastered: December 2022
Java Script
Mastered: January 2023
Mastered: February 2023
Mastered: February 2023
Mastered: February 2023
Mastered: March 2023
Mastered: June 2023
Mastered: August 2023
Adobe XD
Mastered: August 2023

Technical Projects

Python Group Project

This project is based around a social media app where users can create an account, log into an account, make a tweet, and repost a tweet.

Launch Project
Game Night
Python Group Project

This project is based around a car game where the user has the option to pick what happens next while their on a high speed chase from police.

Launch Project
Java Script Group Project

This project is a memory card game where users have to match all cards, but they have to match all of the cards in 20 seconds to win the game.

Launch Project
Fluff N Stuff
Django Group Project

This project is based around a pet catalog. Users can sign up or login to view the catalog, users can view items, add the items, update, or remove items from their cart.

Launch Source Code
Motion Detector
Java/SQL Group Project

This project is based around a motion detector app. Users will be able to step in front of the camera or put something in front of the camera and the signal will go off.

Launch Source Code
Spring Group Project

This project is based around a mailing center that allows you to input data on your customers, the items that they ordered, and where the location of the items are at.

Launch Source Code
Ritzy Roo's
Django, Javascript, HTML/CSS Group Project

This project is based around a cookie selling website. This website allows users to buy from the cookie store, while also keeping track of all user orders.

Launch Source Code

Graphic Design Projects

Base Camp Alumni Fund Graphic
Locs by Tee Graphic
Base Camp Alumni Fund Logo
Tolliver's B-Line Striping Logo
The Sugar Rush Price List
Bee U Georgus Flyer

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